Chapter 1: It started with a dream…

We’ve all thought about it, many have dreamed of it, and a few actually think, “What if…”.  With the proliferation of travel and International house hunter type shows, even more are thinking, “Maybe I/we can do this too!”  Some are looking for adventure, a different way of life, or a retirement dream realized, but whatever your inclination, this blog will hopefully have some insights that will make this dream less daunting.

In 2013, my husband and I (who are within 10-12 years of retirement) came to the realization the south of France might just be the perfect retirement haven for us.  I don’t need to convince you or anyone why since the idea of living in a country with a less stressful pace, filled with history and beauty, amazing food and wine might be it, but why this blog?  Well, while being Americans trying to navigate the purchase and renovation of a property in another country seemed very doable – each step of the way I thought, “If only someone had been able to advise me on this”.  Seemingly simple details like moving money and opening a bank account were far more complex than they should have been because of the conflicting information readily available.  Renovating issues, leasing a car, getting a cell phone, learning a foreign language – all that and more.  I will share my story, month by month with photo’s chronicling our renovation and hopefully shine light on more of what you need to know.

Let me say, the one thing that rings consistent among those who have taken the leap before us, is it’s been one of the best things they’ve done – at least, that’s what I’m holding on to for the moment because I’m still not quite there…..