I am owner of an architectural and interior design firm established 1994 in the Portland, Maine area and have always loved traveling and exploring other places and cultures.  I was raised in mid-western Maine with both French Canadian and Scot-English heritage, yet had not explored my own roots beyond what I was inherently raised knowing.

I grew up, moved to Boston to attend Wentworth Institute for Architecture, married my college sweetheart, then returned to Maine in July of 1982 – three months before giving birth to my first child with a second child born in 1988.  I suppose it’s having children that bring you around to family and roots, so when my God-mother peaked my interest in my lineage, it began a chain of events that seemed to have no end.

I also became fascinated with my husbands genealogy since his father had been adopted by a man from France and a French woman from the Portland area, and the only blood relatives he had on his fathers side had been his brother.  This was a trail that would elude me for years until I had the intuitive revelation I needed to travel to France in an attempt to unravel some of this mystery. This is where my story begins…. our first visit was October 4th – October 18th in 2013.

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